Me Can Out

Me Can Out was the debut single from Sonificade, release on 27th November, 2015.


It was released as a download only single and featured the song "Gull Rocks" by our good friends Exposed Edge as the B-Side.


It is available to download or stream from all the usual places, but here's a few suggestions:


Despite All The Noise

Despite All The Noise was the debut album from Sonificade, release on 20th May, 2016.

On release, the album received mainly possitive reviews such as this from JamSphere.



Track Listing:

1 - Despite All the Noise

2 - Me Can Out

3 - Regardless

4 - What If

5 - Crossfire

6 - Wolf at the Door

7 - Take Me Home

8 - Far Away

9 - D.U.I.

10 - Seasons

11 - Brain Disease

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